vOLUME 7 ISSUE 3 may-Jun 2018



1.      Open innovation: a response to time based competition Menara Cluster Case


         EL BOUZID Hasnaa, ABAAOUKIDE Kamar, LEBZAR Bouchra, Cadi Ayyad University Marrakech Morocco


         Page 1 - 11






2.      A Comparative Study on Work Life Balance of Sales Force In Automobile and Insurance Industry


         V. Venkata Rao, Ashoka Business School, Malkapur, Choutuppal, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Telangana


         Page 12 - 21






3.      Prevalence and Health Implications of Microbial Load of Indian Paper Currencies and Coins


         Summera Rafiq, G.Vaijayanthi, and SK.Jasmine Shahina, JBAS College for Women, Chennai


         Page 22 - 26






4.      Challenges and Opportunities in Digital Marketing


         Bhojaraja, Dr. M.Muniraju, Central College Campus, Bangalore University, Bangalore


         Page 27 - 29






5.      India Export Growth Framework


         Sameer Kumar, Dr. Subarana Sarkar Mukarjee, H.N.B. Government P.G. College Naini Allahabad, CSJM University Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


         Page 30 - 34






6.      A Comparative Evaluation of Tax Saving Elss And Ulip Schemes


         Partap Singh Chahal, Samalkha Group of Institutions (SGI) Samalkha, Panipat, Haryana


         Page 35 - 44






7.      Digital Watermarking using Spatial Domain and Blowfish Algorithm


         Piyoosh Pandey, Manish Gupta, United College of Engineering and Research, Allahabad


         Page 45 - 51






8.      A study on the impact of advertising on purchase of two wheelers by women in Panipat City


         Vikram Singh and Yogita Sharma, RPIIT Technical Campus Karnal


         Page 52 - 60






9.      Survey on Botnets and Their Impact


         Neharika Singh, Pooja Redekar, Madhumita Chatterjee, Mumbai University


         Page 61 - 67